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Study of attic appartements in Lindholmen, Gothenburg 2018-09-01T12:52:41+00:00

Project Description

Study for attic appartments in Lindholmen • 2016-2017

Lindholmen is situated on the north shore of the river Göta Älv that runs through Gothenburg. It is a residential area originally tied to the Gothenburg harbor, mainly inhabited by the dock workers. The houses are of a typical Gothenburg early 20th century architectural style called “landshövdingehus”; Three storey houses were the ground floors are made from brick or stone and the remaining floors from wood. Most houses, and the area in general, is considered of cultural value and is protected in the city plan.

We were asked by a private housing cooperative to investigate the possibility to use the attic to make duplex apartments from the top floor apartments. This proved to be difficult as the buildings facades was considered especially cultural valuable and therefore was explicitly protected against any change in character. The cultural protection plan for the area also prohibited visible change in the character of the streets. We realized early on that the common solution using dormer windows would violate the protection rules for both the facades and the streets. The buildings hip roof was not suitable for roof windows due to the shallow slope of the roofs top segments.

We chose instead to work with roof balconies in the flat roof surfaces, hidden from the street view. One roof balcony per apartment serves as a light well for the top floor and provides a private outdoor space, a hidden garden, for recreational use.

After many long discussions with the city planning office our proposal now have reached a positive preliminary, and we are now adapting the concept to better suite the individual appartements before applying for the building permit.