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Project Description


Sinus is a sound absorbing vertical blind with a unique design, suitable for all types of interiors. It is designed by Maria Carlsson, architect and acoustician at Björg Form & Arkitektur and sold in cooperation with Draper Europe in Halmstad. Draper is a company with long experience from vertical blinds and sun screens. 

The blinds are made from 5 mm wool felt, edges cut in a sinus-curve shape. When hanging in front of a wall or window, intriguing shadows appear. The  beautiful material offers a touch of high quality an unique character to the room, as well as improving the room acoustics!

Sinus is an efficiant sound absorber, with the blinds open as well as shut. When left open, light is allowed though the blinds into the room.

The sound measurement shows 5 mm of wool felt at 100 mm distance from a wall. Installed like this, the felt is the acoustical equivalent of 20 mm mineral wool, 30 mm mineral wool covered with acostic plaster and 100 % folded, heavy velvet curtain.  Sinus is a good supplement to a sound absorbing ceiling or in some cases, the only acoustical treatment needed in a room. 

Sinus is available i three collections: Tove (white-blue-grend), Aina (white-grey) and Plain (white).

For requests, pricelist and further information please contact Marie Gustafsson at Draper Europe.