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Project Description


This is an expansion and renovating project on the outskirts of Gothenburg.

The building is situated in Bräcke, a residential area planned and built in the 1930’s around the “egnahem” concept where people in the working class could build their own, preplanned home on subsidized building lots.

In this project we were asked to add a garage in direct connection to the main house and in the process also expand the social spaces on the first floor. In our proposal we put the garage building about two meters from the main building, moved the entrance to a central location between the garage and house. We moved the entrance to the junction between the new garage, the livingroom and kitchen; In the process the kitchen could grow into the old hallway and make room for a dining table. The extra space between the garage and main house made it possible to expand the living room and also fit a new bathroom adjacent to the stairs. To get airy volumes in a very narrow floor plan, the new hall area is open to the living room and located a half floor down to separate the functions. A winter garden is added to the gable of the main building as a intermediary zone between indoors and the beautiful garden.